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Top 8 startups in KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator in Taiwan will go to Web Summit

News Link: Meet Global Chi Ko 2023/08/11

Entering the third year of the competition, KPMG teams up with G Camp, a global program supported by the Taiwan Minister of Economic Affairs, and Meet Global to help more Taiwanese startups to go on the global stage.

“KPMG Private Enterprise Tech Innovator is a global competition, with 24 KPMG members around the world this year attending the competition and every country will select their best startups to attend the Web Summit. Last year KPMG Taiwan ranked No.7 among 22 members, which proves that Taiwan’s early stage startups have the great potential to shine on the global stage,” said Heidi Huang, Co-Head of Startups & Innovation.

Last year, 22 countries around the world participated in the competition. The champion was the British startup HiiROC, winning the title with its hydrogen energy production technology; the second place went to the Japanese startup Fimecs with its cancer-fighting medical technology; and the third place went to the Irish start-up Provizio, which proposed an AI car collision avoidance system.

The top three teams are all committed to "using new technologies to break through existing technological dilemmas", and the judges also pointed out that "Impact" is the most important keyword of the 2022 competition. The competition expects new innovations and new technologies to solve problems and transform existing ecosystems.

In 2023, KPMG members from 24 countries participate in the event, and representatives from each country will be selected by the members. The winning teams from 24 countries will travel to Europe's largest technology and innovation event, Web Summit.

Who Wins the top 8? Alternative protein startup Lypid

This year, KPMG Taiwan teams up with G Camp to select 8 top startups and sponsor them to go to attend the Web Summit. KPMG invited 9 experts and VCs to be the judges for the final competition and select the top 8 from twenty Taiwanese startups that have passed the first round interview.

After the fierce competition, the alternative protein startup Lypid won the championship. Following are Aiplux Technology, EMILY.RPA, FaceHeart, Numbers, Slasify, Turing Chain, and VMFi.

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