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Taiwan to install smart AI translation counters at airports and tourist attractions

News Link: 05 December, 2023 Filip Leskovsky

Tourism Administration has set up AI smart counters at Songshan Airport and Yeliu Tourist Center, which can provide real-time translation services. (Photo: CNA)

Taiwan’s Tourism Administration announced on Tuesday that it will install smart AI translation counters at Taipei Songshan Airport and the Yehliu Geopark Visitor Center. The smart counters will provide real-time translation services in English, Japanese, and Korean and should be functional by the end of the year. 

The administration says that the smart counters are intended to improve the language assistance provided to international visitors. Traditional airport passenger service centers have foreign-language staff, but communication is limited to the staff’s working hours. The smart counters are designed to address this issue and expand the ability to provide language assistance at airports and tourist attractions.

The smart counters use an advanced AI translation database that is comparable to the level of a professional interpreter with three years of experience. They feature a dual-sided transparent screen and 5G connectivity, allowing them to provide seamless, face-to-face communication with visitors.

The administration’s Information Management Office Director Liu Chao-jung says that the AI smart counters are made by Taiwanese companies. They plan to evaluate the smart counters' performance and visitor demand before installing them in other national scenic areas. 

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