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CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree VM-Fi is Ready to Eliminate Language Barriers with 5G and AI

Just recently founded in 2020, VM-Fi debuted at CES 2022 and won the world-recognized CES Innovation Award with its unique and innovative turnkey solution “Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System.

The post-pandemic world is coming. After two years of lockdown, we are finally free to travel, go to colleges, and attend exhibitions. However, there are problems that remain the same despite the pandemic, like the boundaries of international communication.

A Taiwanese startup called VM-Fi is solving the communication barrier between languages by providing a real-time AI Speech Translation solution. VM-Fi utilizes the fast transmission speed of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 as well as their self-developed AI translation tool to broadcast the translated lines to anyone with a connected device. The solution can be applied to any environment that requires one-to-many voice translations from larger groups such as lectures, exhibitions, tours, to minimal scenarios like watching TV news or having an online ZOOM webinar.

Just recently founded in 2020, VM-Fi debuted at CES 2022 and won the world-recognized CES Innovation Award with its unique and innovative turnkey solution “Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System.

One third the price, superior effectiveness

Tearing down the language barrier is not an easy job. Although there already are some portable translators or interpretation talents to lower the fence, most of the methods are still very costly and inefficient. Furthermore, the quality of the current translation services is neither stable nor satisfying enough since we often see these services or products conducted consecutively instead of simultaneous voice interpretation. These pain points can all be resolved with VM-Fi’s innovative solution at one third the cost and time compared to the traditional ways.

The VM-Fi 5G real-time AI Speech Translation System solution consists of two major sectors. The first part is the translation AI. According to Maxwell Peng, CEO of VM-Fi, VM-Fi’s translation AI is trained sophisticatedly with localized content and is capable of identifying slang and jargon. Currently, VM-Fi’s AI supports up to four languages, Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean. In addition, the AI can now be installed as a plug-in on ZOOM for the speech on webinar.

The second driver of VM-Fi’s solution is their wireless communication technology. Unlike the traditional ways of using radio intercom, VM-Fi in house technology takes advantage of the high transmission speed with the Qualcomm 5G and WiFi 6 solution, integrating the translation AI and broadcasting the translated content to all users connected to their smart terminals. Furthermore, with enough space and infrastructure, the solution is theoretically capable of broadcasting from 100 people in a conference room, 10K audience in an arena, even unlimited users in a stadium.

What makes VM-Fi’s solution so disruptive is that it can spontaneously interpret between languages to a large number of users while reducing the cost by 66%, and can be applied to any venue with adequate infrastructure.

VM-Fi’s potential to shift the paradigm

The solution that VM-Fi developed is proven effective at multiple events already, including museum tours, attraction guides, college lectures, as well as massive exhibitions. For instance, the 2021 Meet Taipei, one of Asia’s largest international startup exhibitions, adapted VM-Fi’s 5G real-time AI Speech Translation System solution. In this event, VM-Fi connected for 200 audiences with high-quality instant speech translation transmitted to each users’ personal device via 5G at Taiwan biggest & latest operation international exhibition hall.

Despite their current success, VM-Fi sets their vision further for massive projects. VM-Fi has been looking for collaboration with the Japanese Government for the 2025 World Exposition at Osaka, Kansai, Japan.

About VM-Fi VM-Fi is dedicated to solving the problems of simultaneous interpreting services. The answer is VM-Fi, Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System. VM-Fi is using 5G and AI to deliver real-time speech translation from one device turnkey solution, with the scalability to broadcast to as many as 200 smart devices for 10 continuous minutes.
Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System has won the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree and the ResorTECH 2020 Grand Prix Award (Japan). VM-Fi also successfully tendered for contracts awarded by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs (SME Public Procurement) from 2020 to 2023.
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