VM-Fi Overcome the world language barrier
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SaaS Wireless Broadcast
AI Translation Whisper Solution 

  • Education Interpretation

  • Business & Factory Tour

  • Conference Interpretation

  • Tourism Museum Exhibitions

World’s 1st
VM-Fi, Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System


VM-Fi is dedicated to solving the problems of simultaneous interpreting service at the venue. Simultaneous interpreters, human resources are very expensive. Most small middle meeting/education businesses cannot afford it. Next, Setting up the interpreter's booth, audio system, and receiving radio booth, also cost highly to set up by human and time, before, middle & after the event.


The answer is VM-Fi, Smart 5G Blazing Fast AI Speech Translation System. VM-Fi is using 5G & AI to have blazing speech translation within one device turnkey solution that can broadcast to 100 audiences’ mobiles at your venue in 10 mins.

- ResorTECH 2020 Grand Pix Award, Japan
- Successful tenderer in the Ministry of Economic Affairs SME Public Procurement for Taiwan Government 2019-2020-2021 



VM-Fi Audio Tour 導覽機 / 麥成文創
12 Hour
World-Class Battery
Even non-stop continuous service. The world-class battery from Japan offers power.

1 to Many

  • The radius of 50 m

  • No Internet required

  • Make Smartphones* become the group communication device



*Let us know how many connections you need,

We can offer a solution.

VM-Fi Audio tour 麥成文創 導覽機


VMFi Inc 

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